There's Always The Stars

This production at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art is set in 1888 and based on true events and people. The script and the characters were all devised by the cast themselves and the performance was split into two different stories that overlap and were combined into one.
The play takes you around the world with Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland and gives you a look inside a Victorian boarding house.

In this play I portrayed Liz, one of my favourite characters so far – she is so different from other characters I’ve played before. She was originally based on a mix of three women who were murdered by Jack the Ripper, then altered for dramatic purposes.

Liz is a young, but very rich prostitute working illegally from the boarding house, which is owned by Mary Jane – Nellie Bly’s mother. Liz comes across as a very cold and self-centered woman and has many enemies, but throughout the play we also get to see her more human side as she bonds with Alexandra about her tattoo and her past. In a dramatic and chaotic final scene, she gets caught trying to lure a clueless 15-year old girl into working in prostitution for her, and she is kicked out of the boarding house.


Donnacadh O’Briain




120 min

Drama School


Cast 'The Boarding House'

Liz • Emilia Moscovich
Annie ET • Annabel Marlow
Charlie • Charlotte Tilley
Sarah • Courtney Spencer
Susan B Anthony • Emily Shanks
Isabella • Grace Martin
Alexandra • Ines Bally
Bill • Issam Al Ghussain
Lee • Jasmín Dúfa Pitt
Mary Jane • Jessica Whiley
Margaret • Kathryn Lincoln Manwaring
Hermann • Matthew Grainger
Annie M • Molly Marr-Johnson
Maureen • Oriana Buckland
Katherine • Pauline Kehlet Schou
Tillie • Siobhana Healy

Cast 'Around The World'

Abi Dyson
Alistair Nwachukwu
Caitlin Harvey
Charlie Ridgeway
Dan Morris
David Abécassis
Emily Brown
Harry Butcher
Louis Starkey
Matilda Bailes
Miranda Spencer-Pearson
Molly Marr-Johnson
Natasha Du Prez
Ruby Smiles
Tommy Moore
Zoë Birkbeck