Gravity & Levity

A movement performance at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art exploring gravity and levity through personal experiences, memories and emotions.

“Our search for a theme simply began with exploring Gravity and Levity. This was not just about experiencing this physically – very soon we discovered an inordinate amount of narrative and thematic potential rooted in this enquiry. In fact, a very rich landscape of memories and experiences revealed itself and became the inspiration for this piece. The aim of the movement project is to encourage freedom of expression through the body in solo and duet form, as well as encouraging the students to work effectively as an ensemble.”


Vincent Manna




Paul Tucker


50 min


Abi Dyson
Alessandra Davison
Alistair Nwachukwu
Annabel Marlow
Caitlin Harvey
Charlie Ridgeway
Charlotte Tilley
Courtney Spencer
Dan Morris
David Abécassis
Emilia Moscovich
Emily Brown
Emily Shanks
Grace Martin
Harry Butcher
Ines Bally

Issam Al Ghussain
Jasmín Dúfa Pitt
Jessica Whiley
Kathryn Lincoln Manwaring
Louis Starkey
Matilda Bailes
Matthew Grainger
Miranda Spencer-Pearson
Molly Marr-Johnson
Natasha Du Prez
Oriana Buckland
Pauline Kehlet Schou
Ruby Smiles
Siobhana Healy
Tommy Moore
Zoë Birkbeck


Director • Vincent Manna
Choreography • The Company
Music • Paul Tucker
Photography • Alessandra Davison
Percussion • Louis Starkey
Strings • Annabel Marlow & Molly Marr-Johnson