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Rode Zomer

Directed by Myrte Ouwerkerk
Produced by André Vaarwater

When a young, Christian girl falls in love with her best girlfriend, she feels cornered. If she keeps silent, there will be no consequences, but she will never find true happiness. But if she takes the risk and confesses her secrets, what will her parents say?


The Chase

Directed by David Anderson
Produced by Leaving Earth Media

Just having escaped capture herself, Emmy must show resilience and strength to survive in the woods on her own while also trying to find and rescue her boyfriend if she ever wants to see him again – without getting captured again herself, or worse.

Soul City

Directed by Sanne Gault
Produced by Liam Hildebrand

Can you hear it? Close your eyes. Listen.
A first date between two complete opposites starts off awkwardly, but escalates when she finally manages to open his eyes to see the world the same way she sees it.



Directed by Emilia Moscovich
Produced by Sophie Yeomans

Love, even when unrequited, is seen as a beautiful thing – until they trap you inside and refuse to let you leave the room; no matter the cost.


Directed by Thomas Balk
Produced by Sem van der Wal

Vera and Annabel are getting closer by the day. When it finally hits Vera that she is in love with her new friend, she realizes that their love maybe wasn’t as real as she believed it to be.



Directed by Bryony Grainger
Produced by Sydonie Calvert

Sense your fears… and confess.
Four people, each troubled by one of the four senses, visit the local church hoping to be freed from what is haunting them – only to find their demon lurking right there in the shadows, bringing each of them to their own suitable death.

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There's Always The Stars

Directed by Donnacadh O'Briain & James Kerr

This production at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art is set in 1888 and based on true events and people. The play takes you around the world with Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland and gives you a look inside a Victorian boarding house.

Hedda Gabler

Directed by Kirsty Bushell
Written by Henrik Ibsen

Returning home from her honeymoon, Hedda is already bored of her marriage, her husband, her life. Determined and destructive, manipulative and pitiful, she sets in motion a chain of events that will become her undoing.


Directed by Marlou Stolk & Wine Dierickx

What is privacy? What do (or don’t) you have to hide?
This single-show exclusive performance was made possible by RoTheater, Wunderbaum, Urland, Schwalbe and Theater Rotterdam.

Gravity & Levity

Directed by Vincent Manna
Photography by Alessandra Davison

A movement performance at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art exploring gravity and levity through personal experiences, memories and emotions.

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Sharr Singh - Bad Behaviour

Music video for Sharr Singh's new single


Music video for Beans & Fatback, promo clip for VINUTS

Primeshock - Target Training

Music video for Primeshock's new single

Chaud Devant: the Secret of the Chef

Commercial for Chaud Devant original chefwear

Een Mona Nieuwjaar!

Commercial for Mona BV


Commercial for IQdrive

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