Soul City

Close your eyes. Listen.
A first date between two complete opposites starts off awkwardly, but escalates when she finally manages to open his eyes to see the world the same way she sees it.

• Nominated for ‘BEST FILM’ at the Utrecht over Utrecht film festival in 2017. •

• Screened on a national TV channel in The Netherlands in 2017. •


Sanne Gault


9:30 Minutes


Liam Hildebrand


Fleur • Emilia Moscovich
Leo • Bram van der Velde


Director • Sanne Gault
Producer • Liam Hildebrand
Camera • Morris Faber
Boom Operator • Simeon in ’t Veld
Script & Edit • Sanne Gault
Composer • Levi Ram
VFX • Stijn Konijn & Simeon in ’t Veld