Valhalla Calling

An independent short film about Vikings, set in an early cycle of Ragnarok.

Two norse warriors, the last two standing after a bloody clash between their fiefs, come face to face. Their life-or-death battle becomes a little more than a game of chance for Allfather Odin and The Goddess of War, Freyja. Who will emerge victorious from their deadly game of tafl? 

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Vlad Crisan

Release Date



Mark Hunter


21 min


The Shieldmaiden • Ivana Rakic
The Housecarl • Mark Hunter
Odin • Alex Vasu Rajan-Iyer
Freyja • Sofia Fogelqvist
Bjørn • Joe Nurding
Sigrid • Flavia Ferretti
Yrsa • Sarah Emiris
Estrid • Emilia Moscovich
Sten • Kristopher McDonald
Kåre • Moneer Elmasseek
Bo • Matt Jenkins
Roar • Finn Lloyd-Moore
Unn • Tessa Battaiotto
Svend • Tom Levermore
Thyra • Betsy Chadwick-Jones


Director • Vlad Crisan
Producer & Fight Director • Mark Hunter
Lead Camera Operator • Ellis Thomas
Assistant Camera Operator • Sharon Cheng
Editor • Joe Nurding
Composer • Vinnie Camillieri
Fight Captain • Ivana Rakic
First Aider • Matthew Jenkins
First Aider • Sarah Emiris
Make-Up • Emilia Moscovich
Hair • Flavia Ferretti