Peanut Pie

“I simply needed to hear your voice again. Being deprived of such comfort made me feel dreary. Dreariness makes me crave for peanut pie. I ate a lot of peanut pie…”

Stephen Thomas seems to have it all; he married his college sweetheart, has a well-paying job, and has a lovely house in suburban London. There’s just one thing… Stephen is in love with a man. Trying to sustain his affair, he finds himself forced to choose between a secure, socially acceptable life or live a free-spirited one down in Paris. When he’s just about to make this big life decision, fate decides otherwise.

‘Peanut Pie – A Queer Tragicomedy’ is a new play set in 1940’s London. A time when homosexuality was perceived very differently in social, legal, and medical ways.
A story about impossible love, loss, and love for peanut pie.

REVIEW: “Deprived by her husband of both physical and emotional affection, Anna’s demeanour is one of ersatz English cheerfulness; actor Emilia Moscovich does a good job of making the character appear perpetually on the edge of a nervous breakdown.” – Jacob John Shale, ArtsTalk Magazine

Strike Me Pink ProductionsInterview with Ralph Remers & Emilia Moscovich (skip to 7:20)


Sita van Sante

Production Premiere

May 2022


Ralph Remers

Running Time



Stephen Thomas • Ralph Remers
Anna Thomas • Emilia Moscovich
James Williams • Harun Balci
Ruth Evans • Lara Coret
Margaret Johnson / Mrs. Winckelmann • Isis Caljé
Ronald Johnson / Mr. Stewart • Selman Aqiqi
Nurse Wingfield • Tamara Richards
Dr. Von Hellinger • Hugh Mackay
Dr. Bloomsbury • Robert Jan Peters
Ms. Bacon • Ann Morgan
Mr. Peters • Ken Kitchen


Director • Sita van Sante
Writer & Producer • Ralph Remers
Assistant Director • Menno Sedee
Stage Design • Emilia Moscovich & George Buxton
Lighting • Exciting Light
Poster Design • Patrick Klein Meuleman
Dance Tutors • Isanne Damen & Theodoor Koelewijn
Social Media & Programme Design • Emilia Moscovich
Costume Advice • Isis Caljé
Camera • Menno Dekker & Mike van Putten
Editor • Emilia Moscovich
Special Thanks • Micha Korst, Sound2Light, Edwin Sterk